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City Arborist


Ili Si Malone, City Arborist
1301 North Monroe Street, Albany, Georgia 31701
Telephone: (229) 430-3857
Fax: (229) 430-5234

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The City of Albany’s arborist and tree crew are under the direction of the Natural Resources Division of the Albany Recreation and Parks Department. This team of dedicated tree care professionals is committed to providing prompt, efficient and safe delivery of arboricultural services to the citizens of Albany. They work in a high-risk environment that mandates ongoing safety and occupational training. Much of theRiverfront Park Tree Landscaping work is done aerially from a bucket truck.

On a daily basis the rewards are immediate, when a tree has been safely removed or successfully pruned. Tasks associated with the arborist and tree crew include: 
    • Removal of trees on public property 
    • Pruning 
    • Planting 
    • Inspection/Investigation 
    • Permits 
    • Ordinance Enforcement 
    • Maintain Computerized Street Tree Database

Removal of Trees - The city arborist and tree crew safely removes dead, dying, decayed and diseased trees on a daily basis. This is accomplished using tree crew personnel and also by managing contract removals. Trees removed may also include invasive species, trees in conflict with utilities, structures, sidewalks and rights-of-way.

Tree Crew Safely Removing TreesPruning – Following ANSI standards and proper arboricultural techniques, tree crew staff prune trees to improve tree structure, clear signs, lights, and to raise tree canopies up off of pedestrian and vehicular lanes.

Planting – The city arborist plans and coordinates the annual Arbor Day celebration in conjunction with Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful and the Albany Tree Board.

Inspection/Investigation – The city arborist and tree crew supervisor answer inquiries from the City of Albany, GA, Dougherty County, GA and Water, Gas & Light Commission’s Non-Emergency 311 Call Center. Callers inquire about right-of-way issues pertaining to trees, unsafe trees, and requests to remove or prune trees in conflict with structures. Some are emergency calls from 911, requesting immediate response to fallen or hazardous tree conditions. Trees are also investigated for disease and insects and to determine ownership of trees, whether public or private. In this latter regard, sometimes a survey is requested by City Engineering staff. It should be noted that the city arborist and tree crew does not inspect or maintain trees on private property unless they are endangering right-of-way. In such cases, notification of hazard may be provided to the property owner for their immediate action.

Permits – It is illegal to remove trees on any commercial property without a permit. Commercial property owners may contact the city arborist to request a permit application. It is also illegal to remove or alter public trees located on the rights-of-way. The city arborist is charged with preparing removal permits for trees located on public rights-of-way. Download Tree Permit Application.

Ordinance Enforcement – The city arborist enforces the Albany Tree Ordinance. The present Tree Ordinance is currently being revised. Proposed completion and adoption by the Albany City Commission is early to mid-2012.Tree Crew Safely Removing Trees

Maintain Computerized Street Tree Database
– The city arborist maintains the street tree inventory database. From May through July, 2009 the city arborist working with a University of Georgia graduate student intern conducted a phase one tree inventory located in the downtown business district. The inventoried area is approximately 215 acres. The location of each tree was determined using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The City of Albany is 57 square miles (35,500 AC) in area which includes 550 miles of streets, not including alleys. There are an estimated 150,000 public trees located in the Albany city limits.

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