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Albany Police Department

Police Chief, Michael J. Persley

Michael J. Persley was promoted to the rank of Chief on May 23, 2015 and assumed the duties of being the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the City of Albany.  He has been employed with the Albany Police Department for 21 years and has held numerous positions within the department.  He was previously the Gang Unit Commander, East District Police Commander, and Assistant Commander of the Albany-Dougherty Metro SWAT Team where he has served as an entry team member, assistant team leader, team leader and negotiations commander.  His other assignments have included working in narcotics, general and gang investigations.  

Chief Persley holds a Master Degree in Administration/Justice and Security from University of Phoenix, a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from Troy University and an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Darton College.

Chief Persley has over 2700 hours of basic and advanced police training.  He is a graduate of the IACP Leadership in Police Organization and is a member of the National Tactical Officer Association, Georgia Tactical Officer Association, Georgia Gang Investigator Association, Georgia Association Chiefs of Police and International Association Chiefs of Police.

Chief Persley is also a member of the Georgia Army National Guard and has been serving for over 21 years.  He has been an enlisted soldier and is currently holding the rank of Captain.  He has served on deployments to Bosnia-Hercegovina, Iraq and Afghanistan

Albany Police Department

Vision Statement

The Albany police department is recognized as a CALEA accredited law enforcement agency using innovative and contemporary law enforcement practices that strengthen our relationship in our community


Albany Police Department

Mission Statement

Develop our personnel to provide quality law enforcement services in an efficient manner that keeps the public trust while maintaining order in our community


Albany Police Department

Core Values


We value employee opportunities for advancement, specialized training and assignments, and individual growth based on performance and a demonstrated ability to handle additional responsibility. We value a high level of competence and strive toward personal and professional excellence.


We value constitutional rights of all. We will judge others by their actions, not by their race, gender, or other personal characteristics.


We value making the right choice especially when no one is watching as well as choosing the difficult right over the easy wrong.


I accept full responsibility for my actions as well as the actions of my subordinates, regardless o f the consequences.

Interpersonal Skills:

We value expression of empathy and compassion for others and we strive to do our best no matter how trivial the task may seem.   

Contact us:

201 West Oglethorpe Boulevard
Albany, Georgia 31702
(229) 431-2100


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