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Crime Statistics

The Albany Police Department Crime Analysis Unit is pleased to provide the Albany Police Department's crime statistics via the World Wide Web.  Here you will find the Albany Police Department's current and archived Monthly Crime Statistics Reports. Our Crime Analyst, in conjunction with our Support Services Division Records Section, produces monthly crime reports.  The monthly reports are used during the weekly Computer Statistics (COMPSTAT) meetings held internally at the Albany Police Department.  During those meetings, statistics are poured over by the staff and plans are made to combat current problems identified during the meetings.  The Records Section also reports the crime data to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Georgia Criminal Information Center, which ultimately reports our crime data to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Our monthly statistics are a "snapshot" of the records in our computer, which are constantly changing as cases are worked and crimes solved.   Therefore, the Albany Police Department makes no guarantees or warrantees on the accuracy of the data

Albany Police Department Statistic Report:

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