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2012 Officer of the Year

Corporal Jean Casseus has been selected as the Albany Police Department’s 2012 Officer of the Year

Corporal Casseus

Corporal Casseus joined the Albany Police Department in December 2007 and since then he has consistently shown his willingness to go the extra mile to be a team player. He has displayed great leadership skills in the Gang Unit by dedicating countless hours to interviewing confidential informants and identifying and tracking gang related criminal activity. 

Most recently, Corporal Casseus received a standing ovation from the Grand Jury when approximately 59 indictments were received along with in excess of 300 counts. Approximately eleven gang related arrests occurred throughout the city during Operation Shock-the-6.  It should be noted that this was the first operation of this magnitude concerning gangs in the City of Albany in approximately the last 10 years. District Attorney Greg Edwards stated that the 13 month operation crushed the Crips Gang.  And to date, the City of Albany has not experienced as many problems with the Crip Gang Members since the RICO Operation.

Corporal Jean Casseus continues to lead the Gang Unit in making strong cases which hopefully will eliminate gang members from our city streets.

Congratulations Corporal Jean Casseus!

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