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Dougherty County Property Maintenance Code


Dougherty County joined a growing number of communities and states throughout the country that updated building codes by adopting the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC).  "Building codes" provide a local government with a way to guard the public's personal safety, safeguard building performance, ensure safety and welfare for all building in the unincorporated area of the county, and support the economic well being of the community.

The International Property Maintenance Code is a national model code that addresses maintenance requirements for the interior and exterior of structures.  It is not meant to replace other County ordinances (e.g. signs, zoning, nuisances, junk cars, on-street parking, outside storage, etc...)  The IPMC also contains requirements for such things as plumbing, heating, fire and electrical systems in existing buildings.  The IPMC applied to residential and commercial property.  This document is a consistent and comprehensive and is a compatible property maintenance document that is meant to be used with the other codes as adopted by the State of Georgia (e.g. fire, plumbing, building, electrical, etc.).

The IPMC is written by the International Code Council (ICC).  It is a generic document and adjusted by each community who adopts this code.  The IPMC can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here

The IPMC can be purchased in electronic or book form direct from the ICC by clicking here

Dougherty County did not adopt the entire IPMC.  Click here to see the adopting ordinance with the additions, changes and deletions.

The State of Georgia publishes amendments to the IPMC.  Dougherty County adopts those amendments.  Click here to see the amendments published by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

The Albany Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing the IPMC in Dougherty County.  Click here for contact information.

If you have a complaint about someone’s property, call 311 to report the violation(s) or click here to be taken to the 311 reporting system in this website.