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Affordable Housing Programs


Lease to Purchase

The City of Albany, Department of Community & Economic Development Lease Purchase program offers eligible homebuyers who credit scores are slightly below 620 for up to twelve months (12). The applicant will participate in monthly credit counseling to increase their credit score so they can obtain a permanent mortgage. The applicant may qualify for down payment assistance or a soft second loan if necessary. 

Affordable Homeownership Program (AHOP)

The City of Albany, Department of Community & Economic Development provides assistance to eligible low and moderate income households in the City of Albany, GA through its New Construction Program. The City, in partnership with private contractors, constructs new, single-family housing units within strategic planning areas to assist in providing affordable mortgages that will remain affordable over the life of the loan to low and moderate income households. These housing units consist of three (3) and four (4) bedroom homes. 

Down Payment / Closing Cost Assistance and Soft Second Loans

The City of Albany, Department of Community & Economic Development, and Soft Second Loans assist homebuyers who lack the down payment and/or closing cost. The City provides a soft second loan as needed to make mortgages affordable. This loan will generally not exceed more than twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) for the Revitalization District and fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) outside of the revitalization area.

For more information on any of the above programs or information on the inventory of homes for sale, please contact:

Mrs. Betty Jackson-Burton 
230 S. Jackson St., Ste 315, Albany, GA 31701
Telephone: (229) 483-7650 Ext: 2423