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Downtown Retail Incubation Program

The purpose of Downtown Albany’s Retail Incubation Program is to create vibrancy and wealth in downtown Albany by supporting new retail concepts.  The program is available to retail businesses that are new to the Downtown area (see attached map).  A new business may be any business that has opened or relocated to the downtown area beginning January 1, 2011.  The Retail Incubator is a program, not a space.  Retailers may choose any location consistent within the set perimeters of the Downtown area, as long as the landlord agrees to the terms and conditions of the program.    The program is offered through the Department of Community and Economic Development.  The Division of Economic Development administers the program.

Funded by the City of Albany, Georgia Community Development Block Grant Program, the intent of this program is to provide an investment incentive that will aid in the revitalization of the downtown Albany area. With this purpose in mind, the City has designed this program to meet the objectives of providing support for on-going revitalization, planning and community efforts in the redevelopment of this important commercial area.

We will begin accepting application April 1, 2011.  Please review the Downtown Retail Incubation Program Guidelines to determine if your business meets the criteria for the program.  You will find the program application below as well.  If you have any questions, you may contact the Program Manager, Jacquelyn Teemer at 229-483-7653 or

As of May 22, 2012, applications for this program has been suspended until further notice.  You may contact the Program Manager, Jacquelyn Teemer at 229-483-7653 or for more information.