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City of Albany Annual Budget

Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2015

Complete Budget Document:  The City of Albany Budget pdf file is extremely large and may be slow to open.  If using dial-up Internet access, the connection may time-out before the document downloads.  For your convenience we have also listed the budget by section below. 

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The 2014-2015 Annual Budget is divided into thirteen (13) sections whose contents are listed below. Click here for a detailed Budget Guide  that summarizes the information contained in each section. This will assist the reader in finding information.

Table of Contents


Section I - City Manager’s Message

Section II - Policies and Procedures

Section III - Revenue and Expenditures

Section IV - Supplemental Information

Section V - General Fund

Section VI - Special Funds 

Section VII - Enterprise Funds

Section VIII - Supplemented Enterprise Funds

Section IX - Utility Internal Service Fund

Section X - Capital Improvement Program

Section XI - SPLOST VI

Section XII - Sponsored Operations (Grants)

Section XIII - Appendix