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Technology and Communication Department

Department Description. The IT department operates, administers, and maintains computing systems which service the information processing needs of the City and County. The Department administers and maintains the City and County integrated telephone system servicing the Judicial Building, Government Center, Central Square, Facilities Management, Fire Station 1, Community Policing Center 2, and City Public Works Compound. The Department administers and maintains the City and County government's converged voice and data network. The Department integrates and maintains City and County software applications. The Department plans and budgets for City and County information technology requirements in coordination with the City and County Departments. The Department provides information technology training and problem resolution support for City and County personnel.

Contact us at:

(229) 446-2734 (CIO's Office)
(229) 889-8666 (facsimile)
Post Office Box 1788
Albany, Georgia 31702


Dianne Cooper, TAC Manager
Cindy Tiernan, TAC Manager
John Dawson, TAC Manager 
Taanya French, Telecommunications Project Manager

Current Mission Statement (adopted 12/15/06):

     The City of Albany will strive for excellence to improve the overall quality of life of its citizens.  To accomplish this mission, it is essential to:

  • Provide a safe, secure, and vital community environment;
  • Provide the highest quality customer services to the community with equality, fairness, and respect;
  • Embrace diversity;
  • Attract and retain highly motivated and qualified employees committed to fulfilling community expectations;
  • Encourage innovation;
  • Provide responsible stewardship of the public trust;
  • Create an atmosphere that promotes, develops, retains, and encourages economic development; and
  • Encourage a sense of community through civic partnerships and citizen involvement.

Our City, Our Future.  Our city is using technology to improve the quality of life in your citizens. Here are some examples:

Website Downloads. Citizens are able to download certain forms (i.e. the alarm registration form) and employment applications from the City's Website, thus enabling them to conduct business from their home or residence rather than at City Hall.

Vehicle Crash Database. The Engineering Department Traffic Division has a computer database of vehicle crashes going back 10 years. This database is updated each year in a published annual report and the top crash locations for each category are investigated for improvements and crash prevention. The Traffic Division also controls and operates 83 of 127 traffic signals from a computerized central location.


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