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Comprehensive Plan 2005 - 2025


Community Vision, Goals, & Policies

Inventory and Assessment
   Chapter 1:    Population Element
   Chapter 2:    Ecomonic Development Element  
   Chapter 3:    Housing Element
   Chapter 4:    Natural and Cultural Resources Element
   Chapter 5:    Community Facilities and Services Element
   Chapter 6:    Land Use Element
   Chapter 7:    Intergovernmental Coordination Element
   Chapter 8:    Transportation Element

Short Term Work Program

Appendix A:    Planning Process
Appendix B:    Citizen Participation & Involvement Plan
Appendix C:    Materials from Kick-Off Meeting
Appendix D:    Materials from First Public Hearing
Appendix E:    Materials from First Public Meeting
Appendix F:    Stakeholders Interview Summary
Appendix G:    Materials from Second Public Meeting
Appendix H:    Materials from Second Public Hearing
Appendix I:     Public Comments on Draft Plan
Appendix J:    City and County Resolutions
Appendix K:    City and County Ordinances

List of Maps
Population Element
    Total Population
    Population Change (Absolute Value)
    Population Percentage Change 1990 to 2000
    1990 Population Density
    2000 Population Density
    Change in Population Density: 1990 to 2000
    Population Age 17 and Under
    Population Age 65 and Older
    White Population Percentage
    African American or Black Population Percentage
    Median Household Income
Housing Element
    Owner/Renter Occupied HU Ratio
    Concentration of Housing Units Lacking Plumbing
    Concentration of Housing Units Lacking Kitchen Facilities
    Housing Stock Median-Year Built
Natural and Cultural Resources Element
    Ground Elevation
    Land Cover
    Groundwater Recharge Areas
    Rivers, Streams, Lakes & Ponds
    Flood Plain
    Soil Limitations for Residential Development Utilizing Septic Systems
    Soil Limitations for Residential Development Utilizing Sewage Systems
    Soil Limitations for Development of Structures for Light Industry
    Greenspace Program
    Federally Listed Brownfield Sites
    National Register Historic Resources
    City of Albany Historic Districts
Community Facilities & Services Element
    Community Facilities: Law Enforcement
    Community Facilities: Fire
    Community Facilities: EMS
    Parks and Recreation Facilities within City of Albany
    Parks and Recreation Facilities within Dougherty County
    Public Libraries
    Generalized Existing Sewer Service Area & Wastewater Treatment
    Potential Sewer Improvement Projects
    Water Supply & Treatment
Land Use Element
    Generalized Existing Land Use
    Generalized Future Land Use
    Development Limitations
    Existing Special Area Studies
    Potential Future Special Study Areas
    Future Mixed Use Focus Areas

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