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Dougherty County Jail

Director: Col. John Ostrander

Contact Information:
(229) 430-6500
(229) 430-6562 (fax)

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The Dougherty County Jail is a 1,244-bed state of the art pre-trial detention facility that is under the supervision and operation of the Dougherty County Sheriff. In addition to pre-trial inmates, the jail facility houses, federal; state; city; and a small number of inmates for other area law enforcement agencies.

The objective of the jail facility is to treat all inmates fairly and humanely, and to provide all inmates, staff, and visitors with an environment that is clean and healthy, while constantly maintaining a high level of safety and security utilizing current and nationally accepted detention management practices.

The jail facility is unique in that is has two on-site courtrooms that hosts a variety of court proceedings seven days each week. The jail facility also houses other judicial support functions such as a full time magistrate judge, a full time assistant district attorney, and indigent defense services.

The jail facility houses the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Training Division, which is responsible for a variety of state approved training classes for local, area, and state law enforcement agencies.

The jail facility utilizes inmate labor under the supervision of contracted food services specialists to prepare approximately 3500 meals daily which meet federal and state nutritional requirements. Inmates are also utilized in other areas of the jail such as the commissary, laundry room, warehouse, grounds maintenance, custodial duties, and a variety of off-site work details.

The jail facility operates under two major divisions with each containing support divisions. The divisions are:

Security Division (with support divisions)

1. Inmate Housing
2. Intake/Classification

Administrative Division (with support divisions)

1. Inmate Commissary
2. Finance/Personnel
3. Maintenance
4. Support Services
5. Systems Support
6. Warehouse/Laundry

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