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Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit


Message from the Commander…


The privilege to serve on the city and county’s executive team and to lead the finest Drug Enforcement Agency in the nation is not a responsibility that I take lightly.  Public safety in my opinion is our number one priority.  One of our fundamental responsibilities is to provide our citizens with a safe place to live.  I truly believe that a well-trained organization with strong leadership helps create a safer and more vibrate community.  I am excited to work with our community to build partnerships so that we can make this community better. 

As your Drug Enforcement Commander, it is my responsibility to insure that the Drug Unit stays committed to our mission.  It is our responsibility to implement strategies that will effectively reduce the sale and distribution of illegal narcotics in our community.  It is our responsibility to reduce the number of drug dealers and demand for their product.  It is our responsibility to work with other Agencies to reduce drug related crimes in our community. 

I believe that I am part of a community and organization that welcomes change.  One unique thing I have recognized about this community is, this is one progressive and diverse community in such a way that I think it deserves the best from all of us.  I along with the officers who make up this wonderful organization will remain dedicated to our community and provide the best quality service in order to insure 100 percent customer satisfaction. 

I believe in doing things right at all costs.  I do not believe in taking short cuts.  As the Commander of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit, I demand a lot from leadership, my officers and staff and expect nothing less than excellence and professionalism.  We are giving it our best and together as a TEAM we will continue working with our citizens, as we strive each day to make this community better. 


Major Prurince Dice

Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit Commander


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